Aircon Installation

  • AIRCON ENGINEERS:  We select our Aircon Engineers to fit the correct job for the correct type of service. We understand your problem and find the correct personnel to assist in your problem.
  • FULL RANGE OF AIRCON SERVICES:  Our top down approach for aircon service is designed to be fuss-free for you. We design, consult, supply, install and service your aircon. We will keep your records in our cloud database and know what you been through. DO not worry about keeping your warranty card, what equipment you installed. You will have a record once you purchase & install directly from us.
  • SMART HOME TECHNOLOGY: We want you to have full convenience when using your aircon system, thus we have new launch *coming soon* for our new home owners who purchase aircon system from us. Stay Tune!

Our Full Range of Aircon Services

Aircon Installations

  • Design, Supply & Install for Daikin
  • Design, Supply & Install for Mitsubishi Electric
  • Design, Supply & Install for Panasonic
  • Wall Mounted Single Split Aircon System
  • Wall Mounted Multi Split Aircon System
  • Ceiling Ducted/Cassette for Residential properties (Landed Property)
  • Ceiling Dcuted/Cassette for Commercial properties (Office, Shops, Restaurant)

Aircon Servicing

  • General Aircon Servicing
  • Full Aircon Servicing
  • Chemical Wash System (Dismantled)
  • Steam Cleaning (Non-Dismantled)
  • Chemical Overhaul

Aircon Repairs

  • Fan Motor Replacement
  • Circuit Board (PCB) Replacement
  • Capacitor Replacement
  • Compressor Replacement
  • Thermistor/Sensor Replacement

Your most reliable Service Provider for Aircon 


Engineers under a standard of professional behaviour, we must adhere to the highest principles of ethical conduct. We shall fulfill our professional duties, hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of our clients. We must perform service in our area of expertise and that we must uphold.


Being trained in the industry dedicated to aircon services, Hoot Engineers has experience in providing you reliable and trusted aircon advice. We are here to help you fix your real aircon issues. Trust us because we are the real engineers at work. 


Understanding the market condition, we know the cost required for performing certain standard of works. There are too many variables in the market where contractors can cut corners. Rest assured that we are transparent about our prices and we will only carry out works upon your approval of the final quotation. We will only recommend products or services that you will need and nothing more.

Furthermore, the scope of work would be thoroughly stated in our quotation and fully provided according to the industry standard to prevent. No Hidden Cost.


Here at Hoot, we want you to be satisfied with our services rendered to you. If you are unhappy, we’ll work to make it right. We cant emphasize more that every single job is important and we dedicate our time and passion to spark joy to both us and the clients.

If we fail to make you happy and the problem could not be resolve, rest assured, we will refund you up to 100% because we have that confidence that our partners which we curated are capable to rendered the services required.


We provide value added services to allow you monitor your aircon consumption and control your aircon system. This allows you to provide simple diagnosis of your aircon system. We believe that it is important that you learn and take control of your aircon system and be aware of your usage.

We are working on our DIY smart home technology which we will be launching soon. This allow you to control various household appliance to make your life more convenient! We promise we will make it affordable for everyone!

Engineer at your service

So Why Choose Hoot?

Because your satisfaction is our motivation. We want you to be satisfied with the services done! We go all out just to make you our happy client because every single job is important.

One Stop Convenience

We want you to to be fuss-free over the standard of services you choose. Just choose the services or product installations you need and allow us to fulfill the rest to meet the industry standard.

Open & Transparent

We are open and transparent with our services that we provide. We will diagnose the problem with you together before recommending our partners to fix your problem. We believe well-informed customers are happy customers and that keep us going!


Workmanship is measured by the skill of the workperson, the quality of the materials, and the craft involved in their use. Your satisfaction is our motivation. We want you to be satisfied with the service done and be our happy client.

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