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We provide value added services to allow you monitor your aircon consumption and control your aircon system and also provide you simple diagnosis of your aircon system. Take control now of your aircon system and be aware of your usage.

The aircon industry in the retail market has gone bad, the standards, contractors are not telling you the truth on your aircon system, they do not install with care, the salesman in the market sell you the brand that has better commission, the contractors are offering low prices but end up telling you those hidden charges that is not included. We had enough. We are here to offer you free advice and share to you what to look out for during servicing, installation and service repair. Trust us, because we are the real engineers at work. 

A platform where we give free consultation and provide services to all trades. From Aircon to Electrical to Plumbing and many more. We want to help improve the residential industry bit by bit to how it was in the past. Quality over Quantity. We hope to share our knowledge with the Singapore community to be well aware of the correct and trusted services.

We are highly experienced professionals from the AC industry.

This enables us to ensure that you receive the highest level of service for all your air-con needs. Purchasing and installing your first set of air-con? We know the best prices and right kind of air-con that will suit your needs. Your current air-con not working as expected? Our technicians are trained by top professionals from the industry.

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It's not just about being professional, we also want our customers to know what maintenance has been performed and how it's important to the health of their AC units. A personalized report will be sent to customers after each servicing or repair session.

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