As we move into a more sustainable world and future. Daikin Singapore recently launched their 5 ticks R32 gas air-conditioners. Few years back they launched a 3 ticks R32 for smaller apartments but it wasn’t that popular. This time round, they upgraded their signature iSmile series (R410a) to the iSmiles eco Series (R32)!

So why the upgrade and why R32? I wrote a article a few months back, talking about how we are to align with the EU directive (HFC phase down plan) and that is achieve by shifting the world to use R32 gas air-conditioners for a lower global warming potential. *Just see why the ice caps in Antarctica are melting* By using environment friendly gas, we are all helping to be sustainable. Just for you to know, the rest of the world have actually implemented R32 air-conditioners many years back, Singapore is consider one of the slowest to convert due to regulations implemented by SCDF.

My advise is “SWITCH NOW” don’t wait, By 2022, NEA will regulate suppliers to bring in R410a gas air conditioners and manufactures are all switching their model to R32 gas. Future proof yourself by upgrading to a R32 unit.

So why Daikin iSmile Eco Series? 

Daikin is one of the manufacturers that offers Eco Friendly Gas with Full pack features including energy efficient, easy to dismantle for servicing and maintenance, build in smart control, PM2.5 filter, weekly timer controller and easy self diagnosis digital display. What’s there not to love about it?!

1. Easy to dismantle for servicing and maintenance

If the salesperson tells you that it is still hard to clean, don’t listen to them, I have put a video on how to dismantle the iSmile series to those who wish to DIY. You may click on the link to see how easy it is. Spare parts are also easily available as one of the leading supplier in Singapore.

2. Build in Smart Controller

This is either a like it or hate it function but is build in with the unit, so why not see how to make full use of it? Once hook up to your internet, you will be able to control the unit from home and out of home. Consider a hot sunny day and you “buay ta han” want to quickly get home and feel the cool breeze? That’s when it comes in handy to switch on the ac before you reach home. Don’t worry, its 5 ticks which means it is energy efficient, it don’t cost that much to pre-cool your home for 30mins before you reach home.

How about programming it to “Mold Proof Function”? Yes you can! Programmed it to switch off your aircon at about 7am every morning when you wake up for work, set it to FAN mode for 30 minutes then let it auto off. This keeps your coil and blower dryer, helping you to reduce your servicing schedule.

3. PM 2.5 Filter

This filter helps to a certain extend, as you can’t cover the whole aircon unit, if not your airflow will be affected badly. So the small strip of PM2.5 filter will filter PM2.5 particles to a certain percentage % based on the usage time and room size. At least it helps to filter up these particles in your room.

4. All new controller with build in 7 day timer 

Don’t like using the mobile app controller? Then you can use the controller to switch on/off your controller at specific timing. You will be able to also create your own “Mold proof Function” on this controller. It also offer a new feature for consumers, 23 degree too cold for you? 24 degree too warm for your wife? Why not set it in between? 23.5 degree? I believe is the first residential air-conditioner that allows you to do a 0.5 degree step function. OMG. Again not promoting the brand but as an aircon enthusiast, what’s there not to love?

5. Self Diagnosis with digital display 

Not many brands offers a easy to look up self diagnosis display. Some brands require you to count the number of blinking light. It’s not a new function but all of us should know that there is this function around so a easy self diagnosis would allow your service technician not to con you about the problem and also bring the spare parts in advance to save a second trip for repair. We all can’t live without our air-conditioners, down time 1-2 days might be acceptable for some of us but it is also unacceptable for those who can’t “tahan” the hot weather in Singapore.

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