We are experience in the aircon industry, thus we offered a more complete range of services including a in-house training to let you be a freelance serviceman. Speak to us to today to find out more!

Aircon Installation

We provide all kinds of AC installation in HDB, condo, landed properties and offices. We can do a virtual survey to help give you a rough quote, send us your images and video via Whatsapp to receive an instant quote!

Service Repair

Our technicians are trained and certified to ensure quality assurance and troubleshooting of AC system. We constantly upgrade ourselves with the latest best practices.

Training Courses

Undergo training and learn how to perform servicing on air-conditioners on your own. Anyone can do it, speak to us to find out more.

Service Cleaning

Our serviceman are trained to dismantle the FCU, they are trained to handle with care and we top it off with a final spray down of an anti-bacterial self cleaning spray.

Engineer at your service

So Why Choose Hoot?

Because your satisfaction is our motivation. We want you to be satisfied with the services done! We go all out just to make you our happy client because every single job is important.

One Stop Convenience

We want you to to be fuss-free over the standard of services you choose. Just choose the services or product installations you need and allow us to fulfill the rest to meet the industry standard.

Open & Transparent

We are open and transparent with our services that we provide. We will diagnose the problem with you together before recommending our partners to fix your problem. We believe well-informed customers are happy customers and that keep us going!


Workmanship is measured by the skill of the workperson, the quality of the materials, and the craft involved in their use. Your satisfaction is our motivation. We want you to be satisfied with the service done and be our happy client.

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