Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that we have compile from Everyone

A normal operating range of aircon suction pressure ranges from 80PSI to 138psi. The discharge pressure ranges from 280PSI to 330PSI.

If you have 2 sets of A Scenario running, you will consume 1.18kW at the start vs B Scenario which consume about 1.28kW. However, in A Scenario, the minimum power consumption will be 0.9kW vs B scenario which is only 0.6kW

Most of the time, the unit will run lower than rated power consumption in the evening and night-time, thus Scenario B in the long run will have better cost savings!

Piping Insulation should always be individual. Only at the connection of the FCU is combine into 1 due to insufficient space at the back of the FCU.

Consumers tends to get confuse of the warranty for 5 Years offered by the manufacturer. The Outdoor unit which is frequently known as the Condensing unit houses various component. The Compressor is just one of the component in the Outdoor unit. Thus during service repair when your compressor breakdown, there are still other charges such as labour, transportation, refrigerant gas top up and any other component that fails together with the compressor.

Yes, when the temperature and humidity gets too high, the pipe reaches its dew point temperature and starts getting condensation. The Outdoor Unit then starts dripping water. This is normal. However, when the water starts to get too excessive, there may be icing form on the pipe. Engage an experience AC technicians to troubleshoot for you and find a solution.