Aircon Pipe Leaking Gas

Most aircon leak are not easily detected as small pin needle leak will take a long time before you noticed it. Freon gas is odourless and is poisonous when you inhale in big quantity, it is always important to prevent it before it could get worst.

Below are the following symptoms you should take note.

  1. Loss of cooling power, you start to feel that your aircon is getting warmer day by day
  2. All your aircon indoor unit are not blowing out cold air
  3. Your coils are freezing and it causes water condensation which leaks from your indoor unit
  4. You have been topping up gas regularly because your aircon contractor told you that is normal. This is a false statement.
  5. If visual inspection is possible along the pipe routing, be sure to look out for stains as these are signs of a leak
  6. Lastly if the leaks is big, hear out for whistling sounds if any

Hoot smart monitoring device could also prevent this from happening. Contact us to find out more how you can implement this for your home and keep yourself safe!