Reuse of existing piping for replacement of aircon system

Aircon suppliers have all come out to say that the pipe can be reuse under certain conditions,

  1. Check condition of pipe by holding pressure for minimally 48 hours
  2. Flush clean the pipe to remove any dirt and contaminants.
  3. Engage professional contractor to perform the above

The recommendations are done mostly by people who have concealed piping in their walls, usually for those who stayed in condominiums. Replacing new piping will be costly as it require hacking and patching of the walls. Though they agree to the above and if you are planning to stay another 10-20 years in your estate. It is best recommend to replace a new set of piping. This can be done by laying it on the wall and covering it with trunking. Most of them would think is hideous but believe me, you will not even notice it after 1 month anyway.