We teach you how to fish so you can last a long way

Perform your own AC Servicing, engage us to teach you how to do it the right way.

*Purchase an aircon system with us and you may redeem the training session (Worth $200) anytime after 8 months to a year from your date of installation. That’s because we know that is about the time your AC system starts to get dirty. Follow our method of usage and we assure you that your aircon system will last with minimal maintenance. Trust us, because we are the real Engineers at work.

1.5 Hours of Training Session

We promise it will be at least minimal 1.5 hours of training session with us, we will perform the standard general servicing with you and guide you along the way how you can do it with minimal effort to keep your AC clean.

Free Aircon Cleaning DIY Kit

We will keep your aircon cleaning kit with us and we will pass it to you when its time to guide you and teach you how to use the aircon cleaning kit.