There are rumors in the market where contractors will tell you that Daikin FCU is harder to clean than Mitsubishi FCU. This will deter you away from buying Daikin newest model, the iSmile series. But that isnt true! I am not a fan of Daikin nor any other brand, but i just want to get this straighten out. Don’t listen to what the contractors are telling you at face value. Here at Hoot, we want to be Honest, Open and Transparent on everything about your AC units.

I did up a video during the CB period at my own home, thus the introduction, you may skip to 00:38 sec for the start of the video.  I believe that anyone, everyone can do their own servicing or engage the contractor to do it for you but just make sure that they do it right and clean. If they told you that their servicing does not include blower or drain pan, then you know that you are just getting an inexperience contractor doing the cleaning for you.

If anyone is interested in any other brand to be dismantle for cleaning, drop down the comment below and share the video around, once the video reaches 100 likes, i will do it for you guys.

AC cleaning is simple, anyone can do it with just a cloth, brush and screw driver. =) Cheers guys!


P.S But seriously, if you find it too troublesome, click on the WhatsApp icon and arranging a booking with us, we will do it for you. =)