Are you listening based on your AC contractor advise? You should however take control on WHEN you should be doing chemical servicing. We are here as Engineers to help you out! So let us share with you the 5 tips you to know when you should perform chemical servicing.

  1. Aircon temperature is not getting cold, you need to set at 16 to 18 degree to get it cool down. This is most likely due to choke in the evaporator coil by dust and dirt. Thus, the air passing through the coil is not being cool down efficiently.
  2. The air coming out is making loud noise that goes “huuuu huuuuu”. It sounds like the air is trying to push out because this is also due to your dirty blower that looks something like this.

  1. The air blowing out is not evenly spread. Use your hand to feel across the outlet. If the air is not blowing out at some part, there is high possibility of choke in the evaporator coil.

  1. Your aircon starts giving out bad smell.
    This is due to accumulation of mold, milddew and bacteria that get stuck in between the coils in the unit. These are very bad for health and one should quickly get a check.


    1. Open the front panel and take out the filter, shine your phone torch light though the coil and do a visual check on the coil.

I hope you guys have learn how to check and verify the symptom whether you need to do chemical overhaul! If you need more information and advice, contact us @ 88313001 so we can assist you!