Doing chemical washing is still a norm in the industry, you read up a lot on why you should do chemical servicing, but they have never elaborated in detail why the benefits of doing so. Let us Hoot u up with the details!

  1. Prevent water leaking

Water usually leaks from choke drainpipe. If servicing is not done properly, jelly, bacteria, slime will choke up the drainage and cause backflow of water and leak from the AC. Thus, flushing the drainpipe with chemical helps to clear the slime that has been build up in the drainage pipe.

  1. Improve the cooling performance

The fins are a medium to help heat transfer, if the fins are choke up with dust and dirt, the aircon will need to work harder to give the same amount of cooling! Thus, a cleaner coil will help improve its performance!

  1. Cleaner air to breathe

Dirt that are trap in between the ac are slime and bacteria! Imagine the wind blowing through the fins are passing through the bacteria. Air will get contaminated. Thus, performing chemical servicing will help gives you cleaner air!


  1. Prolong life span of the air conditioner unit

Making the aircon work less hard due to cleaner parts will help prolong the lifespan of the aircon unit. But do take note that spare parts like thermistors, fan motor, compressor has their own life cycle. Chemical washing just helps the compressor to work easier.


  1. Save cost on repair works and parts replacement

Imagine, someone who do regular health check-up will help prevent high medical cost instead of founding out the illness at a later stage! This is the same for ac equipment! Hiring an experience and honest AC technician can advise you correctly.


  1. Save electrical costs and total maintenance costs

Yes, if the AC system work less hard to produce the same amount of cooling, your electrical bill will be lower. It will breakdown lesser and you will save on major repair works.