We all turn on our aircon to enjoy cool and refreshing air on a sunny hot day, utilizing the aircon unit to make us feel good. Like every other household appliance, aircon is also the same and requires cleaning to keep its performance at its best.

You may hearsay from others that by washing aircon filters can help keep your aircon clean and cool. But are you doing it the right way? Let us guide you through, it’s very easy and low cost!

(1) Wash using lukewarm or cold water

After removing the aircon filters, you can wash it directly under normal tap water. Many have the wrong idea that washing with hot water can kill germs and cleaner, but that’s not true for this case. Washing with hot water over 40 degree Celsius may cause damage and to the aircon filters. Remember, do not use rough  materials like a scrubbing brush to remove the dirt.


(2) If the dust does not come off easily

You may soak the aircon filter in neutral detergents with lukewarm waters not above 40 degree Celsius.

(3) Leave it out to drip-dry under the shade

After done washing, leave the filter with the side washed (convex) facing outwards to dry at a cool spot. Have the flap (convex) Again, some may say to dry it under sunlight or use of hair dryer but is not true. You have to do this to protec the filter elements.

(4) Do not spray fragrances or other chemicals

Lastly, it is not advisable to spray any kind of fragrances or chemicals onto the filters as it may cause damage to your filters. It is good to keep your aircon in its original state.


You can now repeat this cycle every 2 weeks to keep your aircon filters clean and cool! Nonetheless, it is still advisable to have your aircon regularly serviced every 3 months to keep all functions in check. Need help or have more questions about your aircon at home? Go to www.hoot.sg or contact us at 88313001 today!