We breath air to survive, but we need aircon to live. In this modern day and age, we all enjoy a cool breezing air from our aircon to escape the heat. Without a cool breezing air from an aircon is definitely a first-world problem we face, agree?

So, let’s take a look at the different behavioral patterns and what do they say about you.



C’mon, we all love good bargains and even better if there are free giveaways which makes the deal the icing on the cake!

You are the definite go-to person when others need help, support and advise in their life decisions. You love to share fun, excitement and lots of positive energy to the people around you.



Being normal is too boring. A white coloured aircon is a nay for you.

Nothing is ever too much for you, that even the rock can be polished into a gem. You may seem peculiar to some but that is what makes you unique! You are romantic, a trendsetter, and thrive well on creativity.



You value good products that delivers high performing results, alike to finding a perfect girlfriend or boyfriend who is good-looking, rich and faithful (just kidding)!

You are a perfectionist who looks into the details, ensuring every outcome is ideal. You have a strong sense of responsibility but a soft heart for the weak. A piece of possible advice: slow down your pace sometimes to enjoy the view, as you may never know what you are looking for is right beside you.



Did you just move into a new home and community? From choosing of sofa, television, aircon and so many decisions waiting for you. You’ve decided to go along with the majority.

You cherish friendship and goes for simplicity in life, people are comfortable and enjoy being around you. They see you as reliable, loyal and trustworthy. You strive well at strategic scope of work and can adapt when obstacles arise.


#5   OLD IS GOLD 🔮

You live your life on the saying of “Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.” Therefore, you would always go with the brand you are familiar with.

You are a practical, straightforward person and seemingly wiser than your peers of the same age. A simple day or a good cup of coffee can easily set your heart contented. You have a strong willpower, and nothing can bring your confidence level down.


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