Operating 4 indoor unit at 8 hours a day for 365 Days

I have used an example with one of the most popular brand in Singapore. Let’s look at the annual energy cost given by the NEA energy labeling, the difference in energy consumption is $1231-$754=$477 by running 4 indoor unit continuously for 8 hours 365 days. That is a LOT of savings. However, do take note the electricity rate NEA used is based on 27cents per kWh.

If you also notice that the Rated Capacity of 5 ticks is lower than 2 ticks, you are correct. The myth of 5 Ticks which is less cooling than 2 Ticks is theoretically right. =)

So, how about only operating 1 indoor unit and with the new electricity plan you sign up?

Most of us only operate 1 indoor unit daily and the difference between 2 ticks and 5 ticks for 8 hours consumption 365 days is only SGD60 per year which amount to only SGD5 dollar a month. Yes there is energy saving from using 5 ticks and 2 ticks. But if the difference of the aircon pricing is going to be $300, this means you will take 5 years to ROI! Thus, there isn’t much difference unless you are a heavy aircon user.

So what do you think?

Make your decision and choice carefully. =)

*Please note, the above information is solely based on theoretically value from the catalog and assumptions. Value may differ against manufacturer data.